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Windows Phone 7

9. Mayıs 2012 16:00by Garen Yöndem


Garen Yöndem Windows Phone 7


At the MVP Global Summit in 2010, Microsoft announced the new Windows Phone 7 with the new metro style user interface. The aim of the new metro style interface is to inform users about their messages, e-mails and other news provided by third party phone applications without the need of launching the applications. As it is said by Windows Phone 7 MVP John Baird; “Microsoft planners developed the concept of  - hubs - dynamically updated real-time centers – which serve to aggregate information into a central place where access is quick and timely. No longer is the user dependent on static icons to launch their experience.” In other words, live tiles give you information using “push notification” technology , a means of updating the application remotely so the live tiles will tell users what the current status of something is.


Garen Yöndem Windows Phone 7


Windows Phone’s metro style design is based on the design principles of Swiss graphic design which was developed in 1950 that emphasizes cleanliness and readability, and makes it easier for users to see the details without extra effort. At first, the Windows Phone main screen is rather empty, but, it supports cleanliness and prevents users from struggling while using the operating system. Competitor’s operating systems have crowded and senseless user interfaces. However, the same kind of design traces also could be seen on Microsoft’s Windows Media Center which was released in 2008.


Until now building simple applications for Windows Mobile was very easy. But, even the Visual Studio and .NET support did not help to develope responsive and attractive  applications. Developers had to dive into technologies like DirectDraw or OpenGL software frameworks to be able to develop complex and pleasant interfaces for Windows Mobile applications. Therefore, many applications had large-scale of problems with producers who decided not to give support to their applications. Later on, in 2010 Windows Phone 7 came up with a completely new platform with which developers could create applications or games with ease. The Windows Phone 7 platform aims to develop stable applications faster than ever before by providing both software frameworks and software tools.


Priority services, tools and frameworks provided by Microsoft for Windows Phone 7 development are Windows Phone Marketplace, Windows Azure, Visual Studio, Silverlight, XNA Game Studio, Expression Blend and .NET Framework. In this context, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 seems like an innovative new platform for developers.


Garen Yöndem Windows Phone 7


One of the final outstanding advantages of the Windows Phone 7 is, it’s price tag.  Unlike other competitors such as Apple, Microsoft and the Windows Phone 7 manufacturing partners have set the prices low to attract customers and software developers to the new platform. Furthermore, it is easy to drop the prices for phone manufacturers because of remaining phone software budget. Windows Phone manufacturers on the enterprise side, do not need to give support to customers with the phone software thanks to Microsoft’s business model. Moreover, under the terms of Microsoft’s licensing agreement, the Windows Phone manufacturing companies can call backup from Microsoft to produce more stable phones with software and hardware compatibility.


Results proved that Microsoft has shown they have built an impressive mobile operating system. However, for the sustainability of the devices Microsoft have made certain new design principles for manufacturers and application developers. Firstly, they limited the screen resolution of produced devices which are about to run Windows Phone 7 to 480x800 pixels and the processor speed at least 1 Gigahertz also pinned down a 5 megapixels of camera capability. Which seems like going to be changing with the Apollo update. Phone manufacturers must create handsets with certain display resolution 480px to 800px, processors with 1GHz Snapdragon, camera with 5 megapixels and basic layout, a row of three buttons including back, home and search functionalities.


This means that all of the manufacturers should follow a guideline of production process if they want to join Microsoft’s partnership.Microsoft also makes a significant difference by providing a consistent developer experience overall the mobile operating systems ecosystem. In comparison to competitor mobile developers, building applications for Windows Phone doesn't need to target different form factors or hardware and software specifications because every Windows Phone is strictly limited to a set of features and hardware specifications directly by Microsoft. Vendors are supposed to follow the hardware guidelines in order to get Windows Phone 7 operating system licenses and to be able to sell Windows Phone 7 operating system deployed devices.


Take care and see you later ;)

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