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Who Am I?

Garen Yöndem

Hi! I am a full time software developer, mostly developing for touch interfaces and backend services. Since Windows Phone 7 launch in 2010, I’m in love with Modern Design Language (aka. MDL or Metro design) so I love to work on Windows (Mobile / 10) development projects. Additionally, i often work on Android apps too. You can find some of my work at here.

During my free time if I am not developing something for myself, I like to play MMO or RPG style games. Briefly games like WoW or Skyrim :). I'm also a consumer technologies and part-time UX enthusiast, I read plenty of articles and blog's every day.

Currently I am studying Software Engineering additionally holding B.Ed degree in Computer and Instructional Technologies Education. Previously, I've graduated from Anatolian Vocational High School with a degree in Web Programming.

In this blog I am trying to deliver, what is my experience with consumer products, apps, what I learned recently, life experiences and many more. So stay tuned and I hope you enjoy it.